The Solution

There is a few solution to nail the problems of bad organ. The direct and fastest way is to seek "professional" help. After paying a hefty sum on medical consultation, patient will be given a projected statistic on the probability of success 50/50?

Put your hope and faith in the name of the surgeon and their operation tools?

Survive the ordeal and file for bankruptcy due to medical bills?

Alternatively we can consider changing our way of living.
Starting with our diet. Eat right.

Provide your body with the necessary protein, carbohydrate, minerals vitamin and limit intake on fats, salts and sugar.

The next time when you draw a stick, think about the medical cost behind each stick.

The next time when your body clock signal you, it means it really need the rest. Your liver starts to detox during sleep.

We have only one set of biological organ, do cherish it with proper nourishment and rest. When you lose your health, you lose your wealth. Making effort to live healthy is simply not enough, it have to be realize as a habit. As there is nothing in the world that can stop aging but there is always a better way to slow down the aging process.

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