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null Sony Ericsson WTA Tour
"Up until now, the inability of our players to take vitamins and health supplements without fear of accidentally ingesting a prohibited substance has been a real issue. In USANA, the Tour has found a manufacturer that cannot only meet the Tour's...rigorous anti-doping standards, but one that is also willing to back it up with both athlete and Tour guarantees. This is fantastic news for players, and a critically important step forward in ensuring player health while maintaining the strict anti-doping standards that are necessary to continue to ensure that women's tennis remains a clean sport."

-Larry Scott, CEO of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour


US Speedskating Team
“US Speedskating thanks USANA for contributing to the sport of speedskating by meeting the nutritional demands of our athletes as we pursue greatness at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in 2010.”

—US Speedskating Team, 2008

null Biathlon Canada
"Biathlon is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports on an athlete’s body. Our national team athletes train extensive hours throughout the year and staying healthy is critical to their pursuit of excellence. We are delighted to be partnering with an industry leader in providing the highest quality nutritional products to ensure our athletes are ready to train and perform at their best each day."

— Joanne Thomson, executive director, Biathlon Canada

null Speed Skating Canada
“For many years Speed Skating Canada’s unofficial motto has been ‘The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.’ To achieve excellence means to be partnered with excellence, and Speed Skating Canada is proud to have USANA as an official supplier to our national team athletes. We thank USANA for continuing to be a critical partner in our successes and quest for excellence.”

—Speed Skating Canada, 2008

null Cross Country Canada
"USANA products have been pivotal over the past two years in providing our team with an extensive line of quality dietary supplements, guaranteed clean products, necessary for high performance training in the sport of cross-country skiing."

—Tom Holland, Director of High Performance, Cross Country Canada

null USA Luge
"Finding a safe, tested and reliable source of nutritional supplements for our athletes is not an easy task. We are glad to have a trusted, quality brand like USANA to help our teams train harder and recover faster."*

-Gordy Sheer, marketing director, USA Luge


USA Team Radcliff (bobsled competitor)
“I’m very pleased to be associated with such a great company and I look forward to the future, including Vancouver. I’ve known about USANA for years because of its association with the US Speedskating Team and appreciate the way the company stands behind its athletes.”

null Team Kelly Scott, Curling
“With all the traveling and competing the team does throughout the year, we feel that taking USANA supplements over the past two years has helped to keep us healthy and able to compete at our full potential.”

Derek Parra, Olympic Gold and Silver Medal U.S. Speedskater
“USANA was a key difference in my winning the gold and setting the world record at the 2002 Winter Games.”

Werner Berger, Expert Mountain Climber
“I have taken USANA products for the past 12 years and have known throughout my journey that these tremendous products have helped make climbing at my age possible. I sincerely thank USANA for providing the high-quality nutritional supplements that have helped me make the most of my body and my life.”

Kelly Timberman, Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA)
“Those who have health, have hope and those who have hope can accomplish anything.”

Ryan Ragan, Professional Surfer
“USANA products give me the endurance I need both in and out of the water.*”

Jose Antonio Rivera, Professional Boxer
“I started taking USANA Nutritionals and as a result I feel healthier and stronger.* Despite all that I put my body through, I now feel better than ever. Seeing and feeling the results that USANA products had on me inspired me to become a USANA Independent Associate. Let me tell you—I will never look back!”

Timothy Ray Bradley, Jr., Professional Boxer
“I felt the difference in my energy levels right away after taking the USANA supplements. I felt so strong in the ring, I was starting to become afraid of myself! The RESETTM weight management program, NutrimealTM drink mixes, and USANA® nutrition bars helped me get to my required weight, and it was so much easier than what I had done before. And, I have been able to train harder with more strength and endurance.”*

Vassiliy Jirov, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Boxing Champion
“I am as determined and proactive with my health needs as I am with my boxing career. I’ve researched the best possible nutritional supplements in the world—not all supplements are equal. I stand by only the best quality. I have used numerous USANA® supplements, drinks, and other USANA products for over a year now, and I believe they are the most effective, best quality supplements on the market…I believe in USANA products and will continue to utilize them for many years to come.”

Jen Heil, CA Freestyle Mogul Skier
“Being Olympic Champion, World Champion, and four-time World Cup Overall Winner in Freestyle Mogul skiing is no fluke; it’s the result of years of meticulous training and preparation. USANA products are part of my daily routine. They help ensure that I maintain good health along with proper energy levels to train, travel, and compete around the world.”

Jillian Vogtli, U.S. Freestyle Mogul Skier
"I have been using the USANA products and I will use no other. I truly respect my body and am very aware of what I put in it. That is how I came to find USANA. I believe in the quality of the products as well as the research that is behind it."

Julia Murray, Canadian Ski Cross Team
"I have taken USANA® vitamins for four years now, and they have helped me stay strong through the seasons of ski racing. I notice my recovery period is faster after a hard workout, which helps with the volume of training sessions I can put in. The USANA products give me a feeling of well-being every time I consume them. I know I have the essential vitamins I need to do what I do on the ski hill and off. USANA definitely plays a part on my road to the Olympics!"*

Audrey Robichaud, Freestyle Mogul Skier
“I care a lot about my health and my physical condition, which is why I choose to use the USANA® Nutritionals on a daily basis. When I’m on the road for training and competition, I cannot always find a balanced diet everywhere I go. The USANA products provide me with the nutrients I need. I first used the products a month before the end of my freestyle ski season. I felt a high level of energy, and I finished with a gold medal in dual-moguls at the Canadian national freestyle ski championships. I want to maintain this excellence in my sport, and I want to achieve the best performance I can. I believe that USANA increases my energy and helps me get to the end of a long season.”*

Bret Hedican, Ice Hockey NHLPA
“I purchased USANA® products for years before I was sponsored by USANA. The products have given me great consistency with my health and my athletic performance. I truly believe they helped me make the 2006 Olympic team and stay healthy to win the Stanley Cup in the same year.”*

Soren Thompson, Olympic Fencer
“USANA® Nutritionals are an indispensable part of my overall health and training program. They keep me alert, healthy, and recovered through over 100,000 flight miles per year, erratic sleep schedules, countless hours in the gym and weight room, and all kinds of injuries. I would not be able to consistently perform at the highest level without them!”*

Shayla Worley, World Champion Elite Gymnast
"I have been taking USANA® supplements for the past two-and-a-half years, and I have really noticed a difference in the way my body feels during workouts—strength-wise and energy-wise. One of the most important things to me is that I can take these high-quality supplements every day with the confidence of knowing they are 100 percent legal (since I am tested quarterly by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) and that I will never test positive for any illegal substances.

"USANA's Nutrimeal™ shakes are how I start every morning. They are a healthy way to begin the day and an excellent kick for my metabolism."

Stephanie McCann, Pole Vaulter
"Nutrition and supplementation are both a very important part of my training and recovery as an international track and field athlete. I have spent a lot of time researching different nutritional supplements and feel very confident that USANA has some of the best products on the market today. I am proud to tell my fellow athletes, family, and friends about the health benefits I have noticed while taking the supplements. I recover faster and feel healthier.”*

Achraf Tadili, Olympic 800-meter Track & Field Runner
“As a two time Olympian and Commonwealth and Pan American Games Medalist, I choose USANA® nutritional products as a part of a healthy lifestyle for my well-being and ability to perform to my full potential. USANA products enhance support my recovery after exercises, help me to achieve and maintain an optimal body weight, and improve daily training workouts.”*

Jared MacLeod, Olympic Track & Field Hurdler
"As a full time athlete, I really push my body to the limit with all the intense workouts and training I do. In the past, I found my body would easily get run down, and I would just feel exhausted, which had a negative impact on my training. However, since I've been taking the USANA products, I am able to maintain my good health throughout the training season and I recover much faster from workouts. This allows me to train harder and prepare better for competitions."*

Jeremy Powers, Jelly Belly Cycling Team
“I've been using USANA® supplements for over four years. Before my relationship with USANA, I had wished for a supplement I could depend on, trust, and that had the correct amounts of the vitamins and minerals I needed. USANA answered. USANA is the only company I know of that guarantees its products through the athlete guarantee program. With that, I go into every race with confidence, mental energy, and increased focus!”

Gina Grain, Olympic Cyclist
“USANA has helped me push my body to new extremes. I am confident that by taking USANA® supplements, my body is regenerating itself properly and safely.”*

Jarred Rome, Olympic Track & Field Discus Thrower
"I have been a professional track and field athlete for almost a decade, and one thing that I have learned in those years is the importance of supplementation. I do not train without them, as my energy and recovery would suffer. I have tried so many other companies’ products during my career and none of them match up to USANA. I get such a great, healthy feeling using their products*. Whether you are a professional athlete or someone looking for an improved lifestyle, I would strongly recommend USANA as your everyday supplement company. Some of my favorite products are the Essentials™, Proflavanol® 90, CoQuinone® 30, BiOmega™, Procosa® II, and Hepasil DTX™" supplements.

Nigel King, Yachting
“Within a very short period of including USANA® supplements and NutrimealTM shakes in my diet, I noticed a substantial increase in my energy. The HealthPak 100™ daily dietary supplement pack provides me with essential nutrients vital for maintaining health and energy during the extreme demands of ocean racing.”*

Doug LaBelle II, Professional Golfer on PGA Tour
"I have been taking the USANA supplements since 2006 and they are an important part of my daily routine. These supplements enable me to battle fatigue due to all the traveling I do from week to week. Thanks to USANA, I am able to stay healthy and focused everyday*."

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