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How Does "Self Preserving Technology" Works?

Sensé formulas employ sereral "hurdels" to prevent microbial growth in a product. Multiple hurdles significantly limit ot even eliminate microbial activity and subsequent spoiling. With Self-Preserving Technology, the product is the preservative. THe six pillars of Self-Preserving Technology are combined to become the preservative system.

1. Manufacturing
Sensé is made at a custom-designed plant unlike any other in the industry. Products are manufactured in a stringently controlled clean room to ensure the safety, integrity, and purity of every Sensé product.

2. Packaging
Sensé uses one-way pumps or tubes specially designed to reduce the incidence of product contamination.

3. Active Ingredients
Several ingredients in Sensé products have naturally occuring, mild antimicrobial properties. As they perform their primary functiones of nourishing the skin, they also help preserve the products.

4. pH Control
The pH of each formula has been carefully adjusted to remain effective for the skin, while also prohibiting microorganisms from growing.

5. Water Activity
Microorganism require water to grow. Sensé selects botanical extracts and glycerin to bind water so that it is available to moisten the skin, but is not available to microbes.

6. Patented Liquid Crystals
Sensé scientists has developed a unique manufacturing process that allows for the formation of a liquid crystal of the lamellar, hexagonal, or cubic type. This crystal matrix contributes to the products's ability to deliver ingredients to the skin while also preserving the product.

Exclusive Technologies

"Since using the Sensé products, I have seen significant improvement in my skin's appearance."

Monica Penrod

Skin is the body's largest organ and it can absorb healthy and unhealthy substances that are applied to it. Sensé™ products focus primarily on the cellular health of the skin and use the newest technologies available to create products that are effective. All of Sensé's formulas are thoroughly tested to ensure quality and safety. An independent, third-party laboratory then tests them again to demonstrate effectiveness. Along with added trace minerals that support healthy cells, Sensé products contain powerful ingredients that are clinically proven to nourish, revive, and refine the skin as they help defend against free radicals and oxidative stress. Experience the dramatic difference of exclusive technologies and superior nutrition in every Sensé product.

Gentle Cleanser

Use this exceptional, soap-free cleanser to wash away surface dirt and impurities without drying your delicate facial skin. A unique formulation of pure-plant extracts deeply cleanses and hydrates the skin, leaving it moist and supple. This refreshing gel is a great way to revive your complexion at the beginning and end of each day.

Rice Bran Polisher

Revive the freshness of your complexion with this gentle exfoliant. Natural fruit enzymes, beta-hydroxy acid, and rice-bran beads remove impurities and dead skin cells while aloe and other natural emollients nourish and refresh, leaving skin smoother, clearer, and more radiant.


Refresh and revitalize your skin with this soothing toner. Essential to removing any lingering impurities after cleansing, this moisturizing blend of pure-plant extracts balances your skin's pH and helps combat environmental influences. Bathe your skin with essential nutrients that leave your skin looking soft, smooth, and refined.

Nutritious Creme Masque

This skin-quenching masque gently exfoliates as it detoxifies your skin. Rich with vitamins, minerals, and nourishing plant extracts, this luscious treatment will leave your skin feeling soothed, softened, and wonderfully restored.

Day time Protection Emulsion

Face every day with radiance as you protect, hydrate, and replenish your skin with this high-performance moisturizer enriched with Regenisomes™. This lightweight, non-greasy formula nourishes while it defends against harsh environmental elements, minimizing their impact and leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Night Renewal

Wake up to younger looking, rejuvenated skin. This nutrient-rich, hydrating créme works overnight, while your skin is more receptive to moisture, to renew your skin after the day's exposure to the environment. Formulated with Regenisomes™, DSR™ technology, and firming botanicals, this restorative emulsion instantly boosts moisture levels and stimulates cell growth for a healthy, luminous complexion.

Perfecting Essence

Discover a more youthful, luminous appearance with this gentle, creamy gel. Designed for sensitive skin, this illuminating formula dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles using advanced DSR™ technology to improve skin's smoothness, firmness, clarity, and texture. A breakthrough in skin-care technology, PERFECTING ESSENCE beautifully renews the skin, leading to visible improvements in skin tone and elasticity while it helps prevent future signs of aging from appearing. Beneficial for all ages, use this restorative treatment daily to reveal your healthiest, most radiant looking skin.

Eyes Nourisher

Soften away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with this nutrient-rich emulsion made specifically for the eye area. Regenisomes™ and our exclusive DSR™ technology combine with soothing botanicals to brighten the eye area and leave you with a well-rested and refreshed appearance. The delicate skin around your eyes will look visibly younger, firmer, and smoother with daily use of this moisturizing complex.

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